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Company News.

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May 12, 2015.

Bold, Innovative, Daring!

We’ve now made our Mobile Phone Website our Default Website with a link to our Desktop Website.

We’ve had a stand alone mobile phone site for more than 5 years, but we’ve recognised that they are way more popular to use for all things on the web - across all generations than the humble PC!

Our mobile phone style website is packed with ALL the info of the desktop version.

At Atomik we are very unique – we lead rather than follow – setting standards!

The Websites default Landing Page is our site Index Page – a dynamic page made specifically to fit mobile phone screens – not one that’s been squashed down to fit or with scroll bars across a never ending width.

And because we like colour – after all it is an important part of our business – we’ve splashed our site with it, but keeping text readable!

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